Drawers for boys and girls


“What one loves in childhood remains in the heart forever.”

                                     (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

When i was a child my brother and I share a two-door basket rack with four drawers in the center. I remember spending time looking at the pictures on the doors and drawers,and giving life to my mind two little elves playing the flute on a log, one dressed in pink and the other blue while birds watched them. This was how I put my imagination to fly while I learned to organize and store my things in the parts that belonged to me.

If you have come here looking for a drawer for your girl or boy, you are in the right place.

We will organize, order and beautify that room.


Plastic drawers for children


These cute drawers are made of high quality plastic, no irritating odor and are not harmful to the body. They are durable, waterproof and easy to clean. They have large drawers to store toys, clothes, books, socks and more.

The drawers you will find in our catalog have a resistant upper part to decorate with lamps, books and more. They have a light weight that facilitates the transfer from one room to another, beautify with a childish touch and tidy up the children’s room.


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